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Weekend Classic

      This weekend Blake and I got to enjoy a little date night to ourselves and we saw the movie Home Again with Reese Witherspoon- I loved it! Definitely a chick flick (my favorite kind of movie) but I think Blake enjoyed it too. Afterwards we ate dinner at this place in Cedar Park called Cedro’s and it was so yummy! I recommend it if you like Italian food. They also have a great wine list and the setting is super modern and cool.

5 Years Down The Road

    Often I find myself thinking about the future and trying to picture what my family’s life will look like.I have fun with it, because I’m such a daydreamer haha, but when I really stop and think about the goals I’d like to achieve and where I’d like to be it makes me look forward to the future and what it may have in store. I don’t necessarily want to fast forward through this time or anything. I enjoy being at this stage in my life and I’m enjoying Aria at this age! I’d love for time to slow down but I know it won’t.

Florals in the Fall

     Is anyone else ready for Fall weather like I am? I’m so over this Texas heat and I can’t wait for 60-70 degree days! Today I’m talking about fall colors and how florals in the fall bring a nice feminine touch to an outfit when paired with rich colors. Above you can see that I rounded up some adorable floral tops for fall that I think y’all will love. The tank top I’m wearing is old but I linked some similar pieces for you. I love the pink and bur

Transitioning Your Wardrobe into Fall

       Transitioning your wardrobe between seasons is all about saving money and getting creative with your pieces. LAYERING is key, people! Today I’m styling one dress for two different seasons to show you how easy it can be to keep your pieces in your closet all year round!

Vacay Twins

   Another quick post from our Kemah trip because… these suits! Haylee and I had such a blast playing “model” on the beach in Galveston a couple weeks ago and I was so excited when I saw how our pictures turned out. I will definitely be framing these bad boys! 

BaeWatch Vibes

  Never in my life have I owned a red swimsuit, but for some reason this summer I knew I had to have one! Red looks so great with a tan and when I came across this lifeguard stand at East Beach in Galveston last weekend I couldn’t help but feel like a major Baywatch babe (though I’m not as endowed as the actual Baywatch babes LOL).

Little White Dress

     Everyone talks about how you should have a “little black dress” in your closet at all times, and I definitely agree with that statement, but don’t you need a “little white dress” too?! It’s nice to change it up a bit for events and I found the prettiest white lace dress for this season. This classic piece is something that I know I will wear for a long time. It’s classy and timeless, just as a white dress should be! I paired it with my black lace-up heels and a simple black bag.