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Adding To My Skincare Routine with Ovillow

Adding To My Skincare Routine with Ovillow   Hey beauties! Welcome back to my blog. I’m teaming up with Ovillow today to talk about a…

Customized Hair Care For You

Kerastase | Customized Hair Care For You Hi guys! Happy Friday! I’m sooo looking forward to this weekend because we have NOTHING on our agenda…I…

Dry Shampoo 101

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Lately I’ve been getting some questions about my favorite hair products and one of my all-time favorite beauty products is dry…

Cracking the Hair Code with My Stylist Kacie

     As some of you may know, I get my hair done by one of the best in Austin! Her name is Kacie and…

The One Thing Your Skin Is Missing

      Today I’m talking about two products your skin is missing. One of the products is a vitamin C serum and up until recently, I didn’t even know that was a thing! I’ve since then learned that there are so many different products you can use on your skin other than just face wash and moisturizer… and they’re worth it!

Oxygen Eye Cream from VIIcode Beauty

    Okay you guys… I’ve had a revelation about myself! After years of blogging and trying to figure out what makes me “me,” I think I’ve finally figured it out (at least part of it)! I’m a skincare fanatic!! Ha ha. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve gone over and beyond to take care of my skin because I just loved the way it felt when it was clean and hydrated. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep with my makeup on because it’s been only a few times in my life… and I absolutely hated the feeling!

How To Get Perfect Lips

    Happy Monday everyone! I’m so excited for today’s post because I’m featuring one of my favorite brands, Patchology! I’m going to be walking you through the steps I take to get “perfect” lips. If only you could throw on a lipstick without it coming off in an hour or your lips chapping and drying out…oh wait, you can! If you’re wondering how, keep reading.