Cozy & Cool

   Happy Wednesday beauties! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your families and got everything on your wish lists! We had a great Christmas with my family and it was so much fun to see Aria playing with her toys she got from Santa. This weekend we are celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with Blake’s family and we are excited to see them all!

Gangsta Wrapper

    Happy Holidays everyone! It’s less than a week away from Christmas and I am so ready to be with my family, eat good food, and sleep in. Who’s with me?! I wanted to do one last holiday look that I shot in NYC that I think you guys will love. This fun ‘Gangsta Wrapper’ sweater is a great buy for a last minute holiday party or Christmas day outfit! 

Holiday Glitz with Tobi

         Another holiday post, and I’m not sorry! (I have even more coming your way too haha) This is a fun look for me to talk about because I felt like this wasn’t something I’d normally wear so I was pushing myself outside my comfort zone by doing this post… but I ended up loving it! 

A Very Blogger Christmas

     Happy Tuesday you guys! This is going to be a fun one… and a very LONG one too, but I bet you will love it as much as we did. I still can’t believe 9 bloggers coordinated their busy schedules to get together and shoot this awesome Christmas shoot.

Casual Friday Work Wear

      Now that I work from home I don’t get to dress up in work attire anymore, so I thought maybe I could start doing a “work style” look every now and then just for fun! Some may argue that this isn’t work appropriate because of the ripped jeans, but maybe Casual Friday?!

Winter Pastels

     Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to talk to y’all about how to style pastel colors for Winter! Normally you see pastels in the Spring but I truly believe all colors can be worn whenever and whatever season you want if you style them right! 

Visiting Santa

     Who else is extremely excited for Christmas?! I absolutely love this time of year and since it’s Aria’s first Christmas I’m having even more fun with it all. Of course we had to visit Santa and get pictures with him for Aria!