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A New Smile with Dr. Robin Bethell at Blue Door Dental Design- UPDATED!

The final product! Look at those pearly whites!

Welcome back! This is the final update for Blake’s dental journey with Blue Door Dental! We are so happy with the transformation AND with Dr. Bethell and his team. It was a subtle change but made such a huge difference! Scroll down to the bottom to see the final “after” photos and a very confident 30 year old.

This post is in collaboration with Blue Door Dental Design in Austin, Texas. All opinions are my own.

With a new year comes a plethora of new resolutions.  New diet, check.  New workout routine, check.  Self-improvement, check.  But we all know that most of these end up lasting a month at best, and we always fall short.  What it boils down to is that these new resolutions all revolve around self-improvement, whether it’s health, appearance, emotional stability, or some combination of the three.  I believe that your smile is a direct link to all 3 of those categories!  Oral health is so important, your smile is one of the first things anyone notices when they meet you, and the more comfortable you are with your smile, the more confidence you have to show it off!  

The best place to start with improving your smile is exactly where you’d think, with the best dentist around.  Blake and I have been going to Dr. Bethell in Austin for almost two years now, and he is exceptional!  His office is inviting, his staff is professional and comforting, and he is a national leader when it comes to Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry!  The most recent journey we have been on with Dr. Bethell is at his newest office, Blue Door Dental Design (  Dr. Bethell created a one of a kind experience to show Blake how with the most subtle of changes he could achieve his dream smile. 

We began with an initial consultation at Dr. Bethell’s Office, and the second you walk through the Blue Door you know you are not in your Grandpa’s dentist’s office.  This place is first class and puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door.  After sitting in the lounge and discussing the process with Dr. Bethell and his team (over a glass of wine, of course!) then the real fun began as Dr. Bethell created a custom-tailored treatment plan for Blake.  Using cutting edge technology, the team at Blue Door puts together a video of Blake talking, smiling, etc, and they superimpose what his smile will look like after treatment in order to give us a true representation of what type of results to expect.  It really was amazing to watch!  *Disclaimer, this is not like the videos you see on TikTok where you go to a cosmetic dentist who slaps on a bunch of fake bright white veneers (which can lead to long term discomfort).  This is actual science and subtle manipulations that help make your smile the best version of itself.  

So far Blake has finished the first phases of Invisalign, and now is working through the next couple of steps to achieve his Dream Smile!  Thanks to Dr. Bethell and the team at Blue Door Dental Design, this is one New Year’s resolution that is NOT going to fall flat!

Scroll down to see a before & after of Blake’s teeth so far!
Photos by Divina Stennfeld Photography.

If you’re looking to make a difference in your smile, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Bethell.  Whether it’s something as simple as whitening and straightening, or more in depth such as completely rebuilding a smile, you will not be disappointed with the first-class experience and results you get from Blue Door.  

Stay tuned for a follow up post with Blake’s final results!
POSTED! Scroll down to the bottom for more after photos!
So happy!
AFTER! Photos by Collin Ross Findlay


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