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Making Snack Time Fun with Plant Based OROWEAT!

This post, Making Snack Time Fun with Plant Based Oroweat, is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Oroweat Organic Bread.

I know I’m not the only mom whose kids are CONSTANTLY hungry. I mean, my kids eat all day long and it’s a struggle to come up with fun & nutritious ideas for them. I recently had the opportunity to team up with Oroweat & get creative with their USDA organic bread which was so much fun for me and Aria. Oroweat Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread is plant based and Non-GMO Project Verified! Aria loves to help us out in the kitchen so we got to spend some quality together coming up with some nutritious snacks!

This bread is perfect for both of my picky eaters because of it’s soft and smooth texture. It provides a good source of vitamin A, D and E which makes my mom heart happy! Oroweat Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread features Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Aria was beyond excited about this. Head to my stories to see her face when she’s unboxing our Oroweat box!

Why should you be interested in Oroweat? Well, one of my favorite things about this brand is that they practice sustainability. As members of 1% for the Planet, Oroweat Organics donates 1% of its revenues to support environmental causes. They use USDA Organic ingredients and even bake their bread using renewable wind energy! Their bread truly embraces the beauty of nature and you can taste the difference in each loaf.

Here’s how we made our toast!

We absolutely love the taste of almond butter and bananas on toast which is what inspired Aria’s bear she made. Next we added some avocados on non-dairy cream cheese for me! I sprinkled some salt and pepper on top to add a pinch of flavor too. 

For our other two pieces, we used almond butter again with oats, apples & cinnamon and used almonds, blackberries and non-dairy cream cheese for the last one. 

We ended up making a few more for fun, which included a kitty kat (see below) with kiwi! Aria had a blast eating these and then (of course) asked for more, haha!

Teaching my kids how to eat more nutritious is something I’m really passionate about and brands like Oroweat make accomplishing that so much easier. I will be swapping my normal bread buy for Oroweat going forward and I think you should do the same! The toast ideas would be great to incorporate as after dinner snacks/dessert or even breakfast! There are so many options and kids love to create fun & silly faces! Oroweat Organic White made with Whole Wheat is a wonderful addition to your next grocery list and I dare you to give it a try! Thanks for stopping by to read and be sure to visit their website for more information here: here!


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