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Goodbye 2020. Hello to New Beginnings!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank goodness 2020 is gone. Praying for a very blessed 2021 for everyone, heaven knows we need it! Though 2020 was tough, it wasn’t all bad. Archer turned 1, started walking & talking. Blake now owns his own business and I continued work in marketing for an amazing company! Aria learned so much and had a really fun 4th birthday party! We are incredibly lucky to have such blessings in such a difficult year and it doesn’t go unappreciated. God is so good!

In 2021, we are ready to have a 5 year old & 2 year old & Blake and I will both be celebrating our 30th birthdays! As always I have so many personal goals I want to reach and resolutions I’d like to stick to. Blake and I joined a gym a month back and are excited to concentrate a little more on our health this year.

I’ll keep it short & sweet but here are some personal goals I have for this year!

Read at least 6 books this year. This doesn’t sound like much but It’s 6 more than I read in 2020! Haha.

Work out 3 times a week or more. I’m ready to feel strong again… it’s been way too long.

Eat better. This goes along with taking care of myself and family. My goal is to start cutting a lot of sugar from my diet. I definitely over eat in the sugar department!

Give back. I would love to find a charity of some sort to give back to this year with Aria and teach her more about doing good for others.

Take over the family account by the end of the year. It’s takes a lot for me to write this honestly. I don’t like putting stuff out there that I may not achieve or follow through with but here it is! I’m going to be focused on growing my account on LTK & Instagram a bit more this year and look forward to making big strides in my blogging journey such as this!

Cook more! Blake does a lot of the cooking in our house (not all, but a lot of it) and I want to take a bit of that off his plate this year and make it a little more 50/50.

Be present. I work in social media for my full-time job and my personal hobby so this is sometimes difficult. I want to have set days where I am only on my phone for a certain amount of time if any at all. I would love to be off my phone completely during the evenings.

Lastly, read my bible more and go to church consistently. It was hard for us to get into a good routine with church when Archer was small and then Covid happened. We are all ready to make this a priority in the new year!

What are some of your goals and resolutions this year?! Comment below & thanks for stopping by to read! More fun content is coming soon!

p.s. I also linked an amazing planner (above) for you guys! It’s large, tons of writing space and comes in a bunch of colors! Click the “Shop the post” slider to find it.


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