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Christmas Gift Lists For All


You know you’re fully an adult when you ask for a TOASTER for Christmas… am I right? LOL. I actually love this list for women because a lot of it is practical things you need. I’ve also been dying to have a nice record player in our house. I used to own one but it doesn’t work well and plays all of our records terribly. This one is so pretty! Lastly, I think I ask for to-go mugs every year because I’m always taking my coffee to go and I just love these cute printed ones above.


I had so much fun with this gift list because Archer is actually getting old enough to where he is showing interest in specific things which helps me learn his personality! He is ALL boy and loves balls, and cars. He also LOVES all things Blue’s Clues and it’s the only show that he’ll watch.


Aria loved making this Christmas list together and she picked our all of these items herself. I love these drawing pads and put one on Archer’s list too. Anything to avoid messes and I’m in. She grew out of her last Elsa dress and has been dying for a new one & she’s been asking me for a phone of her own for a while now. Little does she know she will not be getting a real phone for QUITE a while, haha.

I hope this gave you some great ideas for your family or friends & stay tuned for more fun gift guides this season!


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