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Custom Family Illustrations with Later Gator Art

This post is sponsored by Later Gator Art. All opinions are my own!

Hi you guys! I’m thrilled today to be coming to you with a really fun & unique post! I’m teaming up with Later Gator Art on instagram and here on the blog because the holidays are right around the corner and I love thinking up fun gift ideas and sharing them with you!

Ally Frame is the artist and owner of Later Gator Art and she recently reached out to me to see if she could illustrate a family portrait for us. After looking at her instagram and website the obvious answer was, of course, YES! I was extremely impressed by her creativity and I’ve never seen her drawing style anywhere before. After we decided to collaborate on this fun campaign together, she asked me what colors I’d like in the portrait and since we have a lot of neutrals in the house I told her that soft colors would match perfectly. A few days later she sent over the above portrait and I was blown away! She took images from my instagram page and created her own unique portrait for us… I think she nailed it!

I had an empty frame sitting around the house and once I received the printed portrait in the mail, I immediately framed it and showed Aria. I knew she would be so excited to see a drawing of herself (check my IG stories for her full reaction). My favorite thing about the photo though, has got to be Archer’s hair! It’s so white you can barely see it, which is so accurate with actually how blonde it is in real life, lol!

Another really cool thing that Ally can illustrate for you is your home! She asked if I’d want a photo of our current home and I chose to send her a photo of our first home instead because I thought that would be really special to have. It was the first home Blake & I bought and the home that both of my kids were “born” in. I will cherish this portrait forever!

Our first home!

With the holidays coming up, think about what a fun gift this could be for a newlywed couple, a family, or even your grandparents! Did I mention she also does pet illustrations?! They are so precious.

Here’s a fun clip of her creating our family portrait for us!

Follow Ally on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with her and see all of her amazing work! She also gave me a code for you guys if you want to place an order (see below)! Thanks for stopping in to read and feel free to comment below with any questions you may have about the ordering process! You can also DM me in instagram for a quick response too!

You can use code: KAILYMAE15 – this gives 15% off anything at checkout!


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