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At-Home Date Night with DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion Liqueur

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Today on the blog, I’ve partnered with @dekuypercocktails to show you how Blake and I are spicing up our at-home date nights! I thought this would be a fun/special date idea for Blake because his go-to drink is an Old Fashioned cocktail. I’ve never had the opportunity to make one so it was fun for me to learn, and now I know I’ll always be able to make him his favorite drink from the comfort of our own home!

DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion is exceptional and provides quality ingredients too. Not only is this a brand Bartenders trust but the effortless two-step process makes at-home cocktails super simple and hassle-free. Check out this cocktail tutorial by Amy Probasco:

This cocktail was incredibly easy to make and I’ve added a simple recipe below for you to reference as well. This drink was great for our dinner/movie night at home but I think it’s perfect for entertaining too! I can’t lie and say I wasn’t extremely excited to add both the bourbon and DeKuyper’s Liqueur to my new bar cart! I had way too much fun making it all look really fun and cute for this shoot. 🙂

Here’s the recipe to craft a picture-perfect ol’ fashion:

  • 2 parts Bourbon – We used Jim Beam
  • 1 part DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion Liqueur
  • Ice & Garnish with a cherry and/or orange slice

Bartender Tutorial Below!

Blake and I ended up enjoying our DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion cocktails on the couch watching the Netflix movie Ibiza (definitely recommend both for your next date-night in). Another great night-in idea is to have a virtual happy hour with friends!

So next time you want to plan a special night with someone you love, Blake and I highly recommend DeKuyper Ol’ Fashion Liqueur! I encourage you to read more about them on their website here:

You can now find DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion Liqueur available in stores nationwide and online through Drizly and Reserve Bar for a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Drink up, enjoy & always be safe! Thanks so much for checking out today’s post! Comment if you have any questions or if you’ve tried DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion Liqueur too!

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