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Organizing during Quarantine

I have been organizing like no other during the quarantine and it honestly feels so good! I’ve been so inspired that I’ve been all over Amazon trying to find the best organizational products! I’ve mostly been inspired by closet products since Blake and I just gutted our closet and re-vamped it (see below)!

It’s not quite finished yet because projects take time, especially with young kids haha… but it’s a million times better than it was. We have so much more space than we did and it functions exactly as we need it to now. I’ve also been re-organizing my drawers and let me tell you – it’s a breath of fresh air when you can open your dresser drawer and see everything you own organized! I’m also a huge advocate for purging things you don’t need/use often. I love going through my clothes and getting rid of things because when I have a closet full of pieces I actually love, it makes getting dressed so much easier and I feel way more inspired! Check out the drawer organizers I got on amazon in my drawers now!

These things have been so helpful and I absolutely love them! Check out some of the other organizational product I found on Amazon here below!


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