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A Phone Case That Protects

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Tech21. All opinions are my own.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, I’m so happy you’re here because today I’m talking about the coolest product and as a busy mom it’s come in handy for me these past few weeks, so I’m excited to share!

Today I’m talking about this cute blue iphone case (shown in the picture above) from a company called Tech21 that does more than meets the eye! >> Side note: How cute is my boy?! Ugh, I die over him in this little beanie and camo outfit! I had my mom capture us taking some selfies the other day (see below). 🙂

So what does this phone case do exactly? These Tech21 cases are anti-microbial cases and help reduce germs by 99.9% from your phone. In my case, I have little hands reaching for my phone all the time and the amount of germs that can get on a phone is unbelievable. I took a minute to swap my phone with this germ kit and the results were not pretty. Take a look!

Before the Tech21 Phone Case:

Not only does it help me keep my phone hygienically clean it has drop after drop protection too! Each case from Tech21 offers 8+ ft of drop protection and let me tell y’all, my kids drop my phone all the time too. My kids don’t have my phone that often, but even if they never touched my phone – I touch it constantly for work, and then I touch them… so either way this case is such a smart buy! I actually didn’t realize this before but Tech21 is the 2nd most purchased phone case brand in the US and known for their scientifically proven protection and patented materials.

If you browse their site, you’ll find that they have all sorts of colors for all different phone models. I chose this classic blue one but I also love the sleek black ones too.

If you’re interested in buying and want to say no to harmful microbes and keep your phone #Tech21clean like me, I have a discount code for you to get 10% off your purchase from their site! I have the Ultra-thin Protection Case in color: Let off Steam.

Use code: KAILY10 now through November 21st. This code cannot be used in conjunction with another discount code and does not apply to the shipping charge.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read you guys! If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below and I will answer! 🙂


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