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My Unbiased, #NOTSponsored, Honest Opinion of the $1,300 Snoo Bassinet

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by to read today. I’ve been waiting to write this post about the Snoo for a long time and I’m so ready to talk about this snazzy $1,300 baby bassinet… YES $1,300!! So let’s get right into it.

This is a pretty new little baby gadget and wasn’t even around when Aria was born so when we found out we were pregnant and this was all the rage, I was dying to try it out! Unfortunately, I knew there was no way that was going to happen since it was so expensive and we had no plans on buying it… but I started looking on Craigslist and found a used one that was in near perfect condition!

After begging my parents to loan it/gift it to us (which meant buy it and then when we were done with it they could sell it and get their money back) they agreed. March finally came, little Archer was born, and it was time to try out the bed! We set it up in our master bedroom and it looked so sleek and cool too!

Getting to the point… my rating for this bed is a 10 out of 10 and here’s why. Archer would wake up during the night to eat (as all newborns do) and as soon as I was done feeding him, I would lay him right down and strap him in, even if he was awake! That was my absolute favorite part because I can remember having to bounce Aria back to sleep for so long and the snoo just rocked Archer right to sleep for me so I could go back to sleep as fast as possible. I loved that the swaddle was safe and I never had to worry about him suffocating or anything. It was COMPLETE peace of mind and that’s something that is worth every penny y’all. I also loved that the snoo had a sounds machine built into it so that was always on and helping to keep him asleep.

Archer in the Snoo, only a couple weeks old.

When he started getting a little bigger he was sleeping through the night at around 2 months and it was heaven. During naps I could monitor him through the Snoo app and it would always tell me if he was starting to wake up or if he needed my attention. If you’re not familiar with how the snoo works let me fill you in really quick. The snoo rocks your baby all night while they sleep. It’s a slow swaying, really. If your baby begins to stir the snoo kicks in and starts rocking your baby just a little more. If your baby continues to stir or starts to cry the snoo goes into full on rocking mode to try to settle them and get the baby back to sleep. Here’s the catch though: the snoo only does this for 1 whole minute. So, if your baby is still crying after a whole minute the bed stops rocking your baby and sends you an alert through the app that says: “Archer needs your attention.” This is a good thing because when they’re so little like this, they usually do need something if they aren’t going back to sleep with the rocking.

Another thing I loved about the snoo was that it has a setting for limited motion as well so if you’d like to keep the rocking at a minimum (best for when they’re really young) this was an option as well. We kept this setting on the entire time we used the bed because I didn’t like how fast it rocked him when that setting wasn’t on.

Archer slept in this bed until about 5 and a half months old and then we decided to transfer him out of the bed. They give you specific instructions on how to transition your baby from the snoo to the crib and it’s genius.

All in all I think this bassinet gave us a lot of comfort in knowing that he was safe and granting us as much sleep as you can possibly get when having a new baby. I’m so happy we were able to try it out and I would 100% recommend it to every new parent. Save up, or find a used one so that you can have this bed! It’s a life saver.

BTW Linking it here because I found it on sale!

If you have any questions about the Snoo, I’d be happy to answer them. Feel free to comment below!


This post was not sponsored by or affiliated with Happiest Baby Snoo. All opinions are my own. When shopping through the links on this post I may receive a small commission. 

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