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The 4th Trimester

Wow… I really can’t believe it’s already been TWO months since I had this little guy! Archer has been such a sweetie and is sleeping (only at night) & eating like a champ! The 4th Trimester is something I wanted to write about because it’s definitely a real thing. Just because you’ve had your baby doesn’t necessarily mean the tough parts are over!

Some of the things I’ve experienced postpartum are very similar to what I experienced after having Aria as well. I’ve had tons of hair loss which is so annoying haha. I have to clean out my brush multiple times a week. I’ve also had a lot of breakouts on my face and just really rough skin in general!

I’ve had back pain and I’ve been emotional… I think my hormone levels are still all over the place. Overall I’ve been extremely tired. I’m actually shocked at how tired I am because Archer has been sleeping pretty well for a newborn. I usually only wake up 1-2 times a night and 3 times on a rough night. It’s crazy how that can still wear you out though! I miss sleeping so much… it’s my favorite. LOL.

Another reason I think I’m so tired is because I’m not in the best shape right now and I’m very weak. Archer usually makes me hold him most of the day (he’s EXACTLY like his big sister was) and it absolutely drains me. This also contributes to my back pain since he is SUPER particular and has to be held a certain way and bounced standing up usually. #highmaintenance I don’t remember feeling this exhausted when Aria was a baby but it’s possible I’ve just forgotten, haha.

One of the most annoying symptoms of my 4th trimester has been the sweating. Apparently your body retains so much water during pregnancy that after delivery most women complain about the excessive sweating. It’s bad you guys. I wake up in the middle of the night to feed Archer and my side of the bed is drenched! I keep a towel next to my night stand so that I can lay it down and feed Archer and then go back to sleep. By the time I’ve woken up a second time, the towel is drenched and I either have to get a new towel or I take it off because the bed has dried. I also sweat a lot during the day too…BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel (I think)! I’m noticing it getting a little better so hopefully that subsides soon.


I was able to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans 3 weeks or so after having Archer (not that that matters at all) and it was SO uncomfortable. I should also note that they were a size bigger than I normally wore. I was so ready to be in normal clothes again but by 6 weeks they felt somewhat comfortable again. I pretty much got rid of all of maternity clothes from my closet asap and it felt so good! I definitely have a lot of loose skin and stretch marks from both kids that will take some time to get used to. I felt a lot more comfortable with my body after this pregnancy compared to my first. I was so disappointed with my stretch marks after having Aria… but this time around it wasn’t such a shock. I’m slowly starting to love and accept my body again, POST CHILDREN. 🙂

Last but not least, I’m suffering from a lot of…

TMI Stop reading now if you get grossed out easily!

…bleeding during bowel movements and it hurts horribly. My doctor has recommended I see a GI specialist so I will be doing that at some point soon. I may have hemorrhoids, we will see. I bled when I would go the bathroom for 6+ months after I had Aria. Some days it’s terrible and other days it’s not as bad… but boyyyy on the bad days it really kills me.


Overall the 4th trimester is my favorite trimester of all. Even more than the “glowing” 2nd trimester because I truly hated being pregnant. Every day was a struggle during this last pregnancy and I was beyond ready to be done. Blake and I have talked a lot about how many kids we would want and I used to love the idea of 3 kids but now that we have our girl and our boy, I think we are done. Our family feels complete and we feel very blessed.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below! Moms I’d love to hear some things about your 4th trimester or anything about your pregnancies if you want to share! Thanks for stopping by!


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