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A Diaper Bag That Lasts

Hi Guys! Welcome back. I’m so happy I get to finally get this post up because I truly love this Lily Jade bag and I can’t wait to tell you why!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember I had a different Lily Jade bag when Aria was smaller. I absolutely loved it (see the bag here) and it worked perfectly for one kid! When I got pregnant with Archer I decided to look for a bigger bag that could carry snacks & clothes for Aria, on top of everything you need for a new baby! Of course, I came back to Lily Jade bags because they really are the best… and when I saw that they had a new backpack style bag coming out I knew it would be perfect for our lifestyle.

This bag is the Large Anna Backpack and it’s so spacious. I even have room for my personal things like my laptop, phone & a water bottle in the side pocket. It’s so nice! Because Lily Jade bags are so nice they cost way more to craft than major name brands and deliver far more value at a price that is truly lower than it should be. These bags are such a great investment and I love that they are crafted using premium grade leathers made in New York. No two bags are the same because Lily Jade gives you a tumbled full grain leather that is just gorgeous! This is different than the artificial patterns stamped on most high end handbags that mass produce clones.

The stitching detail and complexity of each bag takes time and skill to create so you know you are getting an amazing product! If you have any questions feel free to comment below! This bag also comes in pink and black nylon!

I also snagged these black packing cases and they are so clutch! They hold snacks, tissues, hand sanitizer, pacifiers and so much more! Check out the packing cases linked here!

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