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4 Ways I Prepare to “Mom” Each Day

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Everyday with kids is a new adventure, am I right Moms? No two days are the same that’s for sure. Since I work from home, I try really hard each night to prepare to “mom”… didn’t you know the word mom can be used as a verb too? Haha.

In all seriousness though, it takes some major preparation to have a successful day at home. I’ve had to get extra focused this Spring now that we have a new baby and today I’m talking about the 4 steps I take to do just that.


Bath time is an obvious task to do every night before bed but I particularly enjoy bath time because I feel like my kids sleep better when they’ve just been cleaned…which in turn makes for a better day the next morning! When my babies sleep, I sleep, & everyone is happy!

Snip-Its is an all-natural hair care line that we just started using and I’m completely sold. It’s made especially with kids in mind and the Swimmer’s Solution Shampoo gently removes product build up, hard water and even chlorine for your little swimmers! Aria will be swimming in the pool every chance she gets this Spring. It gently purifies hair without stripping it of natural oils and even after one use I could tell a difference in Aria’s hair.

The No Yellin’ Melon Conditioner is the perfect nourishing product to follow up with. It has a sweet pineapple smell that kids love, and it is gentle on their scalp, skin, and eyes. This kid-friendly hair care is some of the best I’ve tried!

Live near a Snip-Its Kids Haircuts salon? You can get $3 off a kid’s regular haircut in May and June. Use code SPRING – ends 6/30/2019. You can also save on the shampoo and conditioner bundle through May & June 2019. Get the Swimmer’s Duo for just $20!


This is something I’ve done for myself for a really long time. In high school I would lay out my clothes the night before so I could just hop up really quick before school to get dressed. I loved my sleep, haha. Now that I’m a mom it’s especially nice for me to lay the kids’ clothes out the night before because if we have errands to run in the morning or we are taking Aria to school, it’s just one less thing that has to be done!

Since Archer is the newbie in the fam, I’ve been having fun dressing him in cute little outfits and I like to lay them out sometimes so that Blake knows what I’d like him to wear for dr. appointments or just family outings! These baby bodysuits from Fruit of the Loom are durable and long-lasting. Their new breathable collection is light-weight, ultra soft and comes in many different gift sets for yourself or loved ones. They also move and grow with your baby for a longer fit and are great for keeping them comfy in warm temperatures! I keep one in my diaper bag too just in case we need a change of clothes on the go.

Check out these bodysuits included in this gift set here & these sleepers that come in a pack of 2 here.


If I have an idea of an activity for Aria to do going into my day, it makes it much easier to keep her entertained. Sometimes I get her crafts and coloring books out and other days it’s puzzles. Another great option for an activity is this Kiwi Co. subscription crate that comes once a month for ages 0 all the way to 16+. It includes STEAM based projects which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. We got the Koala Crate which encourages play based learning for ages 3-4 and Aria had so much fun building this sculpture and painting!

This was probably my favorite item in this Babbleboxx because it was so nice to get some quality time with my girl since we just had Archer. I’ll definitely be ordering this to come every month from now on! It came with everything she needed to create the project including an activity booklet.

Get your first subscription month FREE here. Just pay $4.95 S&H. Cancel anytime.


On days when I don’t have lunch already prepared, it seems like it takes up so much of my time! It’s especially handy for busy mornings when we are going to be in the car for a while and I know Aria is going to want snacks. These “Lunch Notes From Me” by MyWish 4 Notes are so dang cute and I know I’ll use them a ton when Aria starts kindergarten because they’ll be a sweet little sentiment to let her know how much I’m thinking about her.

They are super easy to use and you just tear off a page from the book and throw it in. They would even be fun to do at the dinner table or on a long car ride together! One pad is Riddles & Giggles and the other is Facts & Funnies which will be fun for her to share with friends too. These little guys are very inexpensive and only run $4.99 for 100 tear off notes!

Check them out here!

With all of that being said I still have days with the kids that are pure chaos and not productive at all but most of the time if I can go through these steps it makes me life a little easier! Plus, these products definitely help a girl out too! I hope you all enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!


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