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A Necklace to Remind Me

*This post is sponsored by James Avery Jewelry. All opinions are my own.

This Valentine’s Day is a special day because not only am I celebrating with the two loves of my life, I’m also celebrating the fact that there is a third love of my life tucked away in my big, pregnant belly! People tell me all the time that boys just love their mommas so much and I truly can’t wait to experience the love and bond of a momma’s boy. That’s why I chose this blue stone necklace from James Avery to help me remember this Valentine’s Day! Our baby boy is due in March and his birthstone will be blue… so now I can look down at this necklace when I’m wearing it and think of him. It will be a special piece of him around my neck every time I put it on!

James Avery is quite literally your one stop shop for Valentine’s Day gifts, especially if you’re close to a store and are picking up some things last minute. I remember always heading to James Avery when I was younger to pick out “manly” jewelry for my boyfriends (and now husband)! Blake has a cross necklace from James Avery that he wears daily and loves it! When Aria gets a little bigger, her first piece of nice jewelry will be from James Avery and I can’t wait to share that experience with her! So, if you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a classic & meaningful gift, James Avery is the place to go!

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