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Happy Friday you guys! I’m so excited to finally be getting this post up because I’ve been asked a lot about nursing bras and good maternity clothes so I thought what better way to find great clothes than to do a big Amazon Haul?! I’m so happy that I did because I seriously love the stuff that came in. Scroll down to see sizing, fit, & other details! Oh, & all of these are PRIME (if they’re in stock).

First, I will talk about the pink nursing bra (yes, I said it’s a nursing bra!) that comes in multiple colors! I kept this bra because I felt so cute in it and it was comfy! Talking more about bras down below. I ordered a medium & it fits perfectly!

This mauve/peach shift dress might’ve been my absolute favorite of the bunch because of how comfy it was! It comes in tons of colors and it’s the perfect dress for Spring & Summer. For that reason, I didn’t keep it because I’m almost done with my pregnancy and I don’t think it’s going to warm up enough for me to wear this before I have baby boy, but if you’re going to be preggo for a little while longer I would definitely get this! I felt like I was wearing pajamas. Soooo comfy. I’m wearing a size Small.

For this outfit above, I’m wearing the Levi maternity jeans which are a boyfriend cut, They fit great, weren’t too tight (big plus for me) and I rolled the bottoms. I’m not sure how flattering they were but definitely comfortable. I’m wearing a medium in the jeans but I think I could’ve gone down to a small for a more flattering fit. I paired them with this red maternity top hat I got in a medium but I should’ve just got my normal size of small because it was a little big. It comes in multiple colors as well!

This sweater was another AMAZING buy. The quality for the price was unreal. So soft and comfy! I loved the stripes and I think it’s form fitted enough to wear after pregnancy as well. Also comes in black and white, and red & white! I think I’m wearing a medium here but I can’t remember and my order doesn’t say! Sorry, guys!

Okay, I had such a hard time not keeping this, I just don’t have anywhere to wear it right now BUT this dress would be so cute for a casual baby shower or just a cute work dress. The length was perfect and it could be paired with a long cardigan and booties! Comes in a lot of colors as well! Wearing a Medium.

I’ve already had tons of people ask me about this maternity bra which I’ve posted on my instagram account… but this stayed with mama! I’m so excited to wear this while I breastfeed because when I had Aria I had the ugliest bras in the world… no joke. My mom (bless her) went out and bought me a couple of bras and they looked like something my great grandmother would’ve worn, but I wore them anyway because I needed them, haha. This time around I’m trying to feel a little bit cuter when I have to whip out the boob for baby boy… lol. Anyways, the bra was unbelievably comfy and last time I got measured I was a 32C, so I ordered a medium in this and it fits perfect.

Last but not least, I found the cutest little green, off-the-shoulder dress that would be great for a baby shower. This also comes in multiple colors and again I should’ve stuck to my normal size of a small (wearing a medium here). In this photo I’m wearing a medium. Very soft and comfy though!

Thanks so much for stopping in to read you guys! I hope this helps you with your maternity fashion finds. I specifically wanted to do this because the prices are too good and buying a whole new wardrobe when pregnant is not easy! Comment below if this was helpful to you at all and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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