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A Look at My Second Trimester

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m on my game today because I actually got this post done just in time to start my third trimester! I’m officially 28 weeks today which is the first day of the last trimester and I couldn’t be more excited. I posted a first trimester update a couple of months ago (not fun) and now I’m recapping the second trimester highs and lows.

This trimester flew by, really. I can’t believe I’m only a couple of months away from meeting our baby boy! We haven’t had much time to get a nursery together but I’ll add our inspiration board below so you can take a look. We plan to start that as soon as we return home from our NYE travels!

I can happily say that the nausea went away at about week 15-16 but I can’t say that this trimester has been free of pain or sickness. Off and on I got sick with colds that Aria was bringing home from school and we all passed them around to each other over and over again. I spent about 3 weeks sick during November with a cold and then a sinus infection that got so bad I was in tears. I had a lot of pain in my head due to inflammation and my teeth were hurting… who knew that was even a thing?

I finally recovered from that and have had a pretty good December other than my back hurting constantly and some heart burn here and there. My stomach is starting to get extremely tight and I’m nervous my stretch marks from Aria’s pregnancy are going to get worse. Hopefully not… I’m trying to stay positive!

My cravings haven’t been too specific. I will say I went through a 3 or 4 week phase where I was craving soda, which is odd because I never drink sodas. Two days ago I was feeling tons of pressure really low in my stomach and I swear he was turning head-down because my belly was as hard as a rock! It was pretty painful and uncomfortable but thankfully we were just resting at home so I was able to watch a movie through the pain… ha ha.

That about sums up these past couple of months! Overall this trimester was much easier than the first trimester and went by a lot faster, thank goodness! I’m ready to endure the next trimester and meet baby boy in March. Send good vibes my way because I don’t enjoy pregnancy one bit so I’m not looking forward to all of the hard stuff that the third trimester will (most likely) bring. If you’re expecting a little one soon please send tips my way or just reach out so we can talk! I’ve had a lot of you reach out to me via Instagram dm’s and it’s been fun sharing stories with each other. I hope you all have an amazing New Year’s eve!

Thanks for stopping by to read today!


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