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Toddler’s “Little Princess” Gift Guide




Toddler’s “Little Princess” Gift Guide

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! It’s less than a week until Christmas and I’m just so ready for things to slow down for a bit. Between sicknesses, shopping for and wrapping presents, continuing to work AND trying to blog…. it’s been one busy month. This has by far been the craziest December I’ve had in possibly forever, but I really wanted to get this post up because I made this gift guide a month ago so I just needed to add in links for  you guys!

I had so much fun shopping for Aria this year. I think it’s because she knows who Santa is for the first time and is so excited for Christmas! I may have gone a little overboard for my little princess this year but I can’t wait to see her face on the Christmas morning! If you’re still shopping for your little one here are some super cute ideas for them! A lot of stuff is from Amazon, so if you have Amazon prime you may still be able to get it before next week! Hopefully these items aren’t sold out yet. Lastly, I’m so sorry to all you boy moms out there because I probably won’t be able to get a gift guide done for little boys this year. If you want to look at my boys gift guide from last year for ideas I will link it below. Happy Shopping, and stay sane everyone! Haha.


Boys Gift Guide


1. Puffer Jacket

2. Light Up scooter!

3. Quilted Purse

4. Kitty Cat Beanie

5. Melissa & Doug Dollhouse

6. Sippy Cup

7. Cuddle & Kind Stuffed Friends

8. Bunny Slippers

9. Mini Guitar

10. Winter Dress

11. Karaoke Microphone

12. Eloise Book: A Classic story! I gave my childhood Eloise book to Aria this year!

13. Hunter Rain Boots

14. Bubble Gun: Aria would die over this! She loves Bubbles so much!

15. Red Sunglasses

16. Pink Glitter Sunglasses

17. Striped Sweater

18. Tea Set– This is marked as #3… sorry for the typo you guys!


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