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Holiday Baking with Clover Sonoma

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Holiday Baking with Clover & Sonoma

What a fun collaboration this turned out to be! When Clover Sonoma reached out to me I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to include Aria because I knew she would have so much fun “helping” me bake some cookies! I can’t wait to make this a holiday tradition because she was just so much fun during the baking process! Ever since I started giving Aria milk, I always look for organic products that are non GMO. She still drinks whole milk by the glass in the mornings and at night. Clover Sonoma recently launched their products in Whole Foods in Austin and I’ve been stocking up for all of the holiday baking!

We decided to bake sugar cookies and found an easy recipe to follow in one of my cookbooks. Aria was dancing around when I told her she could help me make them and insisted to put on her apron and chef hat (see last photo below)! I skipped the decorating this year because #MESSY, but she is still only 2 and a half so maybe we will add that step next year. Thanks to Clover Sonoma these turned out so yummy and I was always remember and cherish this memory.

I was recently on their website, and saw that they also make chocolate milk & ice cream so that’s definitely on my shopping list for next time! What are some of your holiday traditions that you and your family cherish? This will definitely be one of our going forward but since we have little(s) I’m looking for more traditions to add to our list. Comment yours below and be sure to check your local Whole Foods to try out these products for the holidays!


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