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Candy Shop Twins

This has to be one of my all-time favorite shoots and I think it’s easy to see why! Aria was absolutely adorable when we shot with Madeline Harper last month at this candy shop in downtown Austin! Although, we did have to try and keep Aria from grabbing all of the candy she could see, haha. We both wore lace dresses and I will definitely cherish these pictures forever! If you’re a mom then you know how fun it is to match your mini-me’s! The dress I’m wearing is from and it comes in black and red too! I love the off-the-shoulder take on this piece and I think it’ll be great to wear to some Summer weddings!

I couldn’t find Aria’s dress anywhere but I linked a similar one and the exact jacket! This jacket is the cutest thing EVER. My mom got it for her 2nd birthday and I hope it fits her for a while! I gotta say, this age that Aria is at is so much fun and every day I love it more. She’s talking and basically having conversations with me and it’s the cutest thing in the world (I may be biased lol). I will also add that with that being said, it sure is exhausting too. I wouldn’t classify myself as a strong person (working on that) so by the end of the day I’m so tired! Aria still wants me to carry her and pick her up, and I’m like GIRL YOU WEIGH 30 LBS! I just need to get stronger I guess haha!

I hope you loved these pictures as much as I do and if you did then I’d love to see a comment from you below! Thanks for stopping by to read!



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