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How I Stay Organized During The Week

Photos by Madeline Harper Photography

Some days I feel like an absolute hot mess… anyone else? I hate feeling unorganized and rushed during the day (even though that’s sometimes unavoidable with a toddler, lol) so I try my hardest to take certain steps to make my life easier! I thought I’d go through and list some things that I like to do when I really want to be on top of my game!

1. Set my coffee on a timer the night before!

This only saves me like 5 minutes or so but it’s so nice to mark one thing off of my to-do list in the morning! All I have to do is pour and go!

2. Make a to-do list!

I try to make a daily to-do list so that I make sure I’m getting all of my work done that day! If I don’t get around to making a daily to do list, I will make a weekly one and that helps me too!

3. Make a Meal/Grocery list.

This has become routine in our family which I’m so thankful for. We use these pads of paper to help us make a weekly meal list and a grocery list which also helps us save money when we go to the store because we only buy the things we absolutely need!

4. Set reminders on my phone.

Ever since I had Aria, I feel like I forget so much… so I’ve started to set reminders on my phone when I need to so I’m not relying on trying to juggle 80 things at once and forgetting something important!

5. A joint calendar!

Recently Blake and I started inserted our meetings, events, and etc. into Google Calendar and we both get notifications when someone adds something to the calendar. This is so nice to have especially when both you and your spouse are working a lot!

What steps do you take during the week to stay organized and sane? I also like to set my clothes out the night before and I always set out Aria’s clothes before school days so that the morning runs smooth. I love meal prepping too! Comment your tips below and thanks for stopping in to read today!


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