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Family Christmas Pictures 2017



Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m so excited to be sharing our family Christmas photos that we had taken last month with EffJayPhotography! We shot with her last year too and she is absolutely amazing to work with! We had her come out to my parents home so we could take pictures on the back of my dad’s old truck (it doesn’t run haha) and I think they turned out so cute! We added some cute Christmas decor and cozy blankets and it was so festive!

I found Aria an old fashioned green velvet dress to wear and I just thought it was adorable! It reminds me of the types of dresses my mom dressed me in when I was her age. She’s getting so big so I love that we get to take these family photos to keep forever! Plus, how awesome is it that we got a picture of all of us AND our dogs looking at the camera?! We did last year when we shot with Cassie too and even though it was absolute chaos with a baby and three dogs, she still managed to get the shot!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do! Below are the photos without my instagram filter added and the edits Cassie did are just gorgeous!


Kaily Mae


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