Blogger Christmas Looks 2017

     It’s here!! Our annual Christmas shoot is LIVE and I’m so excited to introduce you to these amazing women and share their awesome style with y’all! If you’ve been following me for a while then you know we do these shoots every year and they are just so much fun! Brandon Hill shot this year’s and last year’s shoot and as you can see, he is so talented!

    It’s so funny because {somehow} every year we always coordinate our outfits so well without even planning it! It just always works out somehow and this year’s mix of colors was just so beautiful! Read on to see my outfit and read about these incredible bloggers in Austin!

  Janna Doan,   | Rachel,   The Trendy Tomboy

Janna Doan,  | Rachel,  The Trendy Tomboy

 Janna Doan (left) has the classiest petite style in ATX! Not kidding y’all. I love her green dress so much and paired with her gold clutch and drop earrings, she is absolutely stunning!

Rachel (right) is killin’ it in this sequin dress you guys. Serious dress envy over here! I love all of her adorable youtube videos and she’s getting married! Check out her page for some fun wedding content!

 Jessica Mahalaris,    Uptown Fashion by Jess  

Jessica Mahalaris, Uptown Fashion by Jess  

First off, how amazing are Jess’ shoes?! So dang cute! This girl is the sweetest girl and I’ve loved getting to know her! She works at Nordstrom so she knows her fashion!

  Haylee,   It’s Me Haylee   | Kaley,   My Closet Life

Haylee,  It’s Me Haylee  | Kaley,  My Closet Life

You all know how I feel about this little firecracker on the left, Haylee! She is so stunning in this bright red dress and plaid blazer! You can find her talking about her mommy adventures and thrift store finds on her blog!

Kaley (right) is also quite the little firecracker and I can’t get enough of it! She’s full of life and so dang funny. Her velvet dress had to be the most unique outfit of the bunch and I totally love it! She’s moving to Dallas soon which makes me so sad but I’m thankful Dallas isn’t too far of a drive!

  Haleigh,   Love Thy Nabers   | Hilary,  |  & Meg,   The Autumn Girl

 Haleigh,  Love Thy Nabers  | Hilary,  | & Meg, The Autumn Girl

Haleigh (left) is an old friend of mine and has the cutest style. I met her when I went off to college and she was my freshman roomie! We became inseparable and I’m so glad she has finally joined the blogging world! She’s killin’ it! 

Hilary (middle) is a brand new blogger and also a newbie to Austin!! Her high-fashion style is absolutely flawless this jumpsuit

Meg (right) is probably one of the cutest mommas I know right now! I love her adorable style and I can’t get enough of her little baby boy on Instastories! Plus, she’s absolutely hilarious so you should definitely be following her!

Here’s my full look!


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