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The “Homebody” Gift Guide

   Happy Monday everyone! Today I’ve published my FIRST gift guide and I’m so pumped to start off this series because I have so many more coming your way! I’ve made it super easy to shop this widget (second picture), just hover your mouse over the item you want to shop and it will take you right to it!

   My favorites from this lot are the grey plush robe, the pom pom throw, and the plush striped pajamas! I’m also obsessed with this grey pillow too… so cute! So I hope you enjoy this gift guide! I will be publishing all of my other gift guides very soon along with a ‘GIFT GUIDE’ tab for the top of my website. 

   I’m ready to get my shopping over with so I thought I’d start posting them now in case anyone else is like me and hates being stressed out shopping for gifts at the last minute! Enjoy!


Kaily Mae


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