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My Faith Journey

          Today I’m getting personal up in here as you can see by the title of this post, haha! My journey with God has been something I’ve always cherished but, just as every human out there, it’s had ups and downs. Here’s a little background for you. I got baptized when I was 11 or 12 years old after I went through confirmation, which is a long study with a mentor where you learn about the bible, Jesus, and your faith in general. I loved my mentor and wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to lead me on this journey. As I went through high school I stayed extremely close to God and felt like I had a really strong faith. My family and I went to church on Sundays and then again on Wednesdays. I helped with Vacation Bible School in the summers, and I was also in our church youth band so I was probably at the church practicing for that one night a week too. God and church were my life and I felt very close in my relationship with him. 

     When college started I was obviously stripped of my normal routine at home and had to find a new one. I went to school at a Christian college in Abilene, Texas where we had to take bible classes and go to chapel once a week and even though I was surrounded by opportunities to grow in my faith, for some reason or another, I didn’t. I was distracted by schoolwork, making friends, and I was also running cross country for a while too so I had a full plate and pushed my relationship with God to the back burner. I never found a church in Abilene where I felt at home at but to be honest I didn’t try as hard as I should’ve. Towards the end of the first semester of college I started dating (my now husband) Blake and that relationship quickly became my first priority, as big love often does.

       Life continued to happen and after a year of being in Abilene I transferred to Texas State in San Marcos and started another new routine/life from scratch. I went with no friends and roomed with random people in a college housing community. I loved Texas State but if you’re familiar with it then you know it’s consistently referred to as a party school so you didn’t go around seeing a lot of Christian events like there were at Abilene Christian haha. It was an entirely different world. I continued to have a strong faith in God but it wasn’t my first priority. I had a job waiting tables and I was going to school full time. I was also taking every other weekend to visit Blake who was still in Abilene. I never felt like I abandoned my strong morals (that have a lot to do with my faith) or anything like that. It was more like I was lazy and didn’t put the effort to grow my faith. I knew I was a Christian and I knew I was being a “good” person so I didn’t think too much about going to church or trying to grow my relationship with God. 

After college my life was a whirlwind, as many of you know. Getting engaged, moving twice, getting married, going through multiple different careers, and now becoming a working mom is the short list of things that have happened in my life. All the while I have remained close to God, as I see him in little blessings each day. My problem is the same as everyone else’s. Time. Where do you find the time to sit and have quiet time with God? With an almost 2 year old, and a husband, job, and the blog, I sometimes question if there is ever such a thing as quiet time, or enough time for that matter. Blake and I still both know that God is first, and he guides us through life, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said that I always set aside the time that God deserves.  Luckily I think I have found a great place to start.  

     I recently got the chance to receive a box from Faithbox which is a monthly subscription service that comes with different goodies such as devotionals, journals, books, and fun little ad-ins such as these cute toothbrushes! Is Faithbox the answer to making me feel like I’m doing as much as I should to serve the Lord? I wouldn’t say 100%, but I will say that it is a great tool to get started. I feel blessed to have found an opportunity such as this and to work with a great company like Faithbox. I think this sweet little box of goodies is packed full of tools to strengthen my Faith, and it will really give me a boost in getting that quiet time that I know God deserves. 

     Thanks for stopping by to read today! My hope is that someone can relate to this and maybe you’ll be interested in trying out Faithbox too! If you can’t try out Faithbox then I encourage you to try to find sometime during your week to sit down and read your bible! I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


Kaily Mae




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