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   Photo by Madeline Harper Photography
Photo by Madeline Harper Photography

    I’ve been on the hunt for the best booties on the internet and I’ve rounded up my favorites here! Every year I usually purchase at least one pair of booties because mine from prior years are worn out. For example, I’m saving up to purchase a pair of brown booties this year with a mid-size heel because my current brown ones are 3 years old! I’ve gotten some good wear from them though. Last year I bought a pair of black heeled booties (see above) so I don’t need any new ones yet, but I’ve been dancing around with the idea of maybe getting some shorter booties since mine are taller. Anyways, back to these pretties below. I’ve linked some amazing styles and keep in mind a lot of them come in multiple colors, so if you like a style but not the color you might click on it to see if they have the color you’re wanting! You can also hover your mouse over the bootie to see the price! Happy shopping ladies! 


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