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Vacay Twins

   Another quick post from our Kemah trip because… these suits! Haylee and I had such a blast playing “model” on the beach in Galveston a couple weeks ago and I was so excited when I saw how our pictures turned out. I will definitely be framing these bad boys! 

   The beach we went to was called East Beach and it was (surprisingly) clean and not extremely crowded! I highly recommend going there if you’re in the area or planning a trip that way. We did have some wandering eyes every now and then, haha. I’m sure people were very confused as to why we were taking so many pictures but I’ve kind of gotten used to that now haha. 

   This swimsuit was under $25 and I was shocked at how nice the quality was. I was expecting something that was uncomfortable, and that didn’t fit but I really loved this suit. It comes in multiple colors and with different sayings as well. I’ve linked my swim details above if you want to shop this look. Thanks for stopping by to read today! Also, thanks to Haylee from It’s. Me.Haylee for always being my twin/model partner! Love you boo. 


Kaily Mae


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