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26 Things

1. My favorite color is blue. I love all shades of it!

2. I love going to the movies and I can’t ever go without popcorn because it smells too good when you walk in!

3. (Some people know this already, but if you’re a new reader…) I love to sing, and play guitar and piano. I even made a CD when I was 20!

4. I’m told my celeb look alike is Erin Andrews.

5. I have the biggest sweet tooth and need something sweet after dinner every night!

6. I ran cross country and track for 6 years and one year in college. I absolutely love running and people think I’m crazy for it, though I haven’t done it as much since I had Aria. Although, we did join a gym so I’m working on it!

7. My weird food obsession is green olives. I could sit and eat a whole jar haha.

8. I hate talk radio so much! I just can’t listen to it, I’ve tried.

9. I really like to bake. Not saying I’m that great at it, but I like to do it every now and then! 

10. I’m a clean-freak. I hate when my house is a mess and if it is, I can’t get anything else done until it’s cleaned.

11. In junior high I was voted “Most likely to become famous.” That obviously hasn’t happened yet… haha. 

12. I’m allergic to cats and horses.

13. My zodiac sign is Cancer and I’m pretty much exactly what it characterizes me as. 

14. I’ve had around 15 different jobs since mid-high school including lifeguarding, waiting tables, advertising, retail, nanny… you name it- I’ve probably done it haha. 

15. I try to make my bed everyday! It makes me feel so much better.

16. I have a set of toes that are webbed on my right foot. My mom also has it on her foot. It sounds a lot creepier than it looks, I promise!

17. When I was in college, I studied Opera and got really good at singing that genre of music. I even scored the role of a step-sister in the University’s production of Cinderella (opera style)!

18. I went to State in two different sports in high school, basketball and cross country. I will never forget those memories and I truly cherish them.

19. When confrontation comes up, I get really worked up to the point of making myself sick. If I’m really upset, my heart will start pounding and I start shaking too. It sounds dramatic, but it happens. It may be a problem? Haha.

20. When I was in college, I started modeling on the side a little bit. I worked with Wilhelmina and did some fun runway shows too!

21. My favorite accessory is a bag! I always feel like my outfit is finished and put-together once I add a bag! 

22. My favorite season is Fall. In Texas, when it gets in the 60’s & 70’s it feels like heaven to me. I love throwing on light-weight cardigans and booties!

23. One of my most cherished memories as a kid/teen is when I went through confirmation and got baptized. I learned so much about myself and grew in my faith.

24. I grew up with two great danes and think they’re such sweet dogs to have. I just love big dogs in general!

25. I’m currently a licensed Insurance Agent, but I’m not selling insurance at this moment. I keep up with my CE just in case I go back to it one day.

26. I love traveling and feel like you can gain so much knowledge about the world and different cultures when you travel. I’m dying to see so many places and it’s my goal to make that happen somehow in my lifetime. 


           So there’s some fun facts about me! Thanks for stopping by to read! I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and if you watched my instagram stories you saw all of the fun! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday as well. Love you all! 


Kaily Mae


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