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A Daddy-Daughter Bond

      I will start off this post by wishing my wonderful husband a happy 26th birthday today! Thank you for everything you do for our family. We love you so much! I really wanted to get some good pictures of Aria and Blake together because it’s so important to have them for memories down the road, so we went and did a little photo shoot together the other day! 

    We all know that the bond between a girl and her father is so special. A father is a daughter’s first love, her first hero, and prince charming. It’s been so amazing watching my husband love our daughter and I know when she gets older he will be her “favorite” parent because he’s much cooler than I am, haha. Aria thinks Blake is the funniest person on earth and I love hearing her little laugh when he plays with her. So far they’re getting really good at having (make-believe) tea with her tea set and playing peek-a-boo! I’m so thankful my daughter will have someone as amazing as Blake to look up to as she grows up and I can’t wait to watch their bond grow even stronger throughout the years. 

  Thanks for stopping by to read today and I wish every Father out there a happy (early) Father’s Day! Now, excuse me while I send these pictures off to be printed. 🙂


Kaily Mae


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