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Girls in Gingham

    I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day last weekend! Today I’m bringing you a fun little post of me and my girl in matching gingham dresses because…why not?! I love matching Aria, and I found the cutest little dress on Etsy for her that I absolutely love. It seems like she’s growing so fast lately so I wanted to put together some of my most cherished memories I’ve gotten to experience with her so far!

1. Her first trip to the zoo! We’ve only been once and unfortunately Aria was a little sick, but she still had fun and you could see how interested she was in all of the animals.

2. Her first plane ride! Last September we traveled to Seattle as a family and she did surprisingly well for the plane ride! It was a fun memory.

3. Her first time taking swim lessons. This was something I was looking forward to doing with her. It was a month long, and by the end of the class she was pushing off of me to try to swim by herself (even though she can’t yet.)! It was cute to see her have so much fun.

4. Her first ride on a carousel! She loved her first Carousel ride at the carnival last weekend! We only rode once but I bet she would’ve stayed on all day!

5. Her first day at Kid’s Book Club. This was fun for her, but exhausting for me because I had to chase her everywhere! I still cherish things like this though because I know she has a blast.

6. Her first time going to Daycare. I actually stay home during the week so Aria isn’t enrolled in full time daycare but we started going to a gym that offers childcare so the first time I dropped her off there were lots of tears on my end. She, however, didn’t mind too much!

7. Her first words. Now that Aria is a little older she is trying to say so much! Lately it’s been “wiggle” or “giggle” and it’s the cutest thing. She loves trying to repeat after me and Blake. You can see how hard she’s thinking about it too! haha.

          Being a mom is the most amazing gift I will ever receive and I never could’ve imagined how much fun it would be! She is my whole world and I feel so lucky to be her mom. Thanks for reading and you can check out the dresses we are wearing below! 



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