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15 Things | My Bucket List

         Have you ever thought about what would be on your bucket list to do before you die? I wanted to take some time this week and actually think about what I would really love to do before I die. I wrote them down and decided it would be a great idea for a post! So here are my Top 15 things I would like to do in my lifetime. 

1. Go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower 

2. Ride an Elephant in Thailand

3. Explore a real castle

4. Go sailing

5. Build a home

6. Go to Disney World with my kids.

7. Get cast in a musical (again).

8. Ride in a helicopter

9. Visit Hawaii

10. Hold a leopard or cheetah cub!

11. Be in the audience of a Talk Show

12. Ride a camel in the desert

13. Attend New York Fashion Week!

13. Ride in a hot air balloon

14. Take a baking class

15. Ride in a Gondola in Venice

     If you’ve never thought about a bucket list I definitely recommend writing it down and saving it somewhere. Maybe even printing it out or framing it! It’s always fun for me to read my goals in life. I’m such a dreamer, haha. 🙂


Kaily Mae



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