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Smile Brilliant Review/ Giveaway + 5 Ways to Take Better Care of You!


Here is a link to enter a giveaway to get your own teeth whitening kit! Find out why I think you should enter below! 🙂 You can also use my code: heykailymae5 for 5% off your purchase at

       Since I had a baby last year, my life has been all about taking care of her first and foremost, but now that she is a little older I want to take a little time out of each day to take care of me so that I can feel my best and be the best mom I can be to Aria.

    One thing on my “Take Care of Me” list was to take better care of my teeth. I love having a white smile but as I said before, it hasn’t been my number one priority. I drink tons of coffee and tea so I’m constantly fighting those stains and when there’s no time to whiten them, well, you just have stained teeth all the time. Also, let’s be honest, whitening toothpaste doesn’t make that much of a difference when you love coffee as much as I do haha.

    I started using this whitening kit from Smile Brilliant in November and noticed a difference after just one use but things got extremely busy with the holidays and traveling so I didn’t get a chance to use it consistently until the week before last. Now that I’ve used it for 7 days straight, I have posted a before and after picture for you guys to compare! I really love the difference I’ve seen with using this and now when I’m out with friends, I don’t have to worry about my teeth looking extra yellow because we are drinking lattes. It’s given me a little confidence boost as I think it does everyone when they have pretty, sparkly, white teeth! 

    The kit was a lot simpler to use than I thought it would be upon receiving it. First, when you get your kit, you have to take impressions of your teeth and mail them back in to get your trays. My first thought when I looked at it was like “omg when am I going to find time to do this” but once I sat down to do my impressions, it was no big deal at all! You mix the mold up with your hands (super easy), place it in the molding tray and hold it in your mouth for 3 minutes. I just set a timer on my phone! Then you place both the top and bottom mold in the pre-paid mail slip and drop it in the mailbox. Once Smile Brilliant gets the package they make your trays and send it to you to start whitening. So simple and easy! I whitened my teeth for about 20-30 minutes every night before bed for a week and these were the results I got. I definitely recommend this kit to anyone who wants to feel better about their teeth. It was a great addition to my beauty routine and has made me feel really confident, which is perfect timing for the new year when I’m trying to get my butt back in the swing of things. 🙂

       Here are some of my ideas to start taking care of yourself better inside and out! It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes because taking care of yourself and showing yourself some love keeps you feeling your best, and for me, that makes me a better mom and wife because I’m happier.

       1. Set up a night time beauty routine! This includes everything from washing your face, whitening your teeth, doing a face mask, to reading a good book before bed! I recently made up a routine for my husband and I and I printed and laminated it so I could hang it up in our bathroom. 🙂

       2. Set up a Spa Day for yourself. Chances are you probably deserve one and it’s a great way to get away and relax for a couple of hours. I got a spa day for Christmas in a white elephant game and used it. I got a relaxing massage and felt like a new woman afterwards!

       3. Get a personal trainer! If you’re anything like me and have a hard time committing to working out, maybe a personal trainer is the way to go to get you started? I’m looking into getting one because it’s been so long since I’ve worked out that I’m not sure I remember how…

       4. A Hair Appointment! I always feel better after a fresh haircut. Anyone else? 

       5. Invest in some high-quality makeup. Even if it’s just a couple of pieces, it’s usually better for your skin anyways and you’ll feel like a million bucks next time you get dressed up for date night!

These are just some ideas that can help you feel better inside and out and by my experience the better I feel the more confident I feel. Maybe these are some good Valentine’s day gift ideas to give yourself this year! 😉

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