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Aria’s Playroom Reveal

          I love home decor almost as much as I love fashion, so when I get the chance to update a room in our house, I love sharing it with you guys! I’ve only done a couple of posts like this but I hope to do more in the future as our home and family evolves! I was in need of a good space to keep Aria’s bigger toys and honestly I just needed a good spot for her to play while I could work and watch her so I made the other half of my office her playroom (See my office post and others at the bottom). I was given the chance to collaborate with Rug Rugs out of Houston and they provided me with this cute purple rug for her room that I just love. It has different fabrics sewn into the middle of the rug for a cute, speckled look and some of the pieces have glitter in them too! I thought it was a fun piece to put in her playroom. After that came in, things just started to fall into place. I found this dresser at a thrift store and painted it red for Aria’s “Minnie Mouse” first birthday. I didn’t intend on keeping it after the party but it ended up working really well for this area and created a storage space for all of her little toys too! The table, chairs, and tea set were all birthday presents to Aria from my in-laws, and I know she will use these pieces for a long time. I linked those down below!

     When I first knew I was going to create this space for Aria, I originally was dying to get a teepee for her. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they are to die for! After some thought though, I decided there wasn’t enough room to put a big teepee in this room so I decided on this dream-canopy instead. Now she has a little area that she can read books, play with her stuffed animals and just cuddle up if she wants too! I tend to use this corner a lot too when I’m on the floor playing with her haha. I used some tissue-puff balls and put them on the top of the canopy to finish it off!

      The curtains, castle painting, and princess pillow were gifts from my mom to Aria for her birthday too. All were purchased at HomeGoods (best store EVER). After I hung the painting, I knew I didn’t want anything else on the walls so it wouldn’t look too cluttered. I love the feeling I get when I finish a project or a space and take a step back to look at it all put together. When I really love it, I know it’s finished! I really loved how this all turned out and it works really well for our family’s needs right now. If you have any questions about the room or some decor you see in it, send me an email or comment below! I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Happy Thursday everyone! 

You can find the Rug here (P.S. it looks a lot more pink in the pictures on the website but more purple in person)

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