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My Shaving Days Are Over

               Hey guys! Today’s post is a fun one because I’m talking about laser hair removal! This is something that, until recently, I’ve never had done! When it comes to pain, I’m one of the biggest wimps out there. I mean needles, lasers, child birth, you name it- I’m afraid of it haha but I was pleasantly surprised by this process. I had my under arms treated and my upper lip done too. When I got there I met Kaylee and she was so sweet and welcoming. She did a small consultation with me and then told me that she could do both of my underarms in 60 seconds! I was shocked. I didn’t have a lot of expectations because this process was brand new to me, but I didn’t think it’d be that quick! Once we got started I think it took even less time than that. Maybe 20 seconds per arm? Anyways, it was so quick and as far as the pain goes, it was barely acknowledgeable. It felt like a little sting and that’s all. 

          I decided to get my upper lip treated because I’ve always had darker hair there. I remember growing up, boys would tease me about it and I’ve always been pretty self conscious of it because of that. When I got to college I decided I wanted to do something about it. I looked into bleaching it once and I think my mom even bought me a bleaching kit for it haha. That ended up making me a little nervous so I got a trimmer instead. I used it about once a week for years and it made me feel a lot better about the issue but it was still a pain sometimes. I found myself going out of town and forgetting it and then being self conscious the whole time I was gone. Now that I’ve experienced this treatment, I will never go back to trimming. 

       I’ve had two sessions now (6 weeks apart) and after the first session, I noticed a difference within days. I was shaving my under arms once a week, compared to once a day! It was such a relief. I noticed the same results with my lip. I’ve honestly forgotten what shaving is like. My under arms are so soft and smooth and when the hair does come in, it’s extremely thin and barely visible. If you’re in the Austin area and you’ve been contemplating laser hair removal, Kaylee is your girl! She has made me fall in love with it. Her prices are really reasonable and her office is conveniently located in the Hill Country Galleria in Lakeway! I hope you found this post helpful and felt like you got a sneak peak at how the process works.

Go give Kaylee a follow on her Facebook and Instagram accounts and check out Kaylee’s website here: for more information! As always you can see my outfit details below! Thanks for stopping by to read!


Kaily Mae


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  1. Shelby
    March 3, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Love Kaylee, she is truly great at what she does!

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