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“You are far more precious than jewels.” -Proverbs 31:10

          First of all, thank you to Cassie from Eff Jay Photography for these adorable pictures! Second of all, thank you to my bestie Haylee for these matching tees that she got me and Aria for Christmas! I’m obsessed. Third of all, thanks to YOU for visiting my blog to see this post! I’m feeling very blessed today. 🙂

         I got together with Cassie last week to shoot these tops and we had so much fun. These are pictures I will cherish forever! It’s a whole new world shooting with your baby rather than just yourself haha. Aria was walking around everywhere and wasn’t really into posing with me. She just started walking and she’s squirmy when I tried to hold her now haha. Nonetheless, I think Cassie got some really cute shots!

       I have to say, I am loving this stage that Aria is in now. She’s so much fun and I can tell she is so happy that she can walk around and explore on her own now. It’s making me excited for what’s in store in the next year- toddler life! Possibly a little scared too haha. We took her to a friend’s wedding this weekend and she was dying to run around everywhere but it was really crowded and if we had let her down she would’ve gotten trampled. She was not having it in my lap! Anyways, it’s been a fun (almost) year watching her grow up and change and now I’m in full on BIRTHDAY MODE! 

      Thanks for reading today and you can shop these t-shirts down below! 


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