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Villain Status

Villain Status

“So his fate was sealed with a kiss… and now, so is yours.”

It’s no secret that I love playing dress up, so Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! Add the cooler weather and pumpkins everywhere and you’ve got one happy girl right here haha. You might remember my Halloween post from last year– I was an evil ice queen and Emily Hedicke with PRIV did the incredible makeup and hair. This year Hilary (By, Hilary Rose) planned to be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and asked Haylee (It’s Me Haylee) and I if we wanted to go along with her theme- which of course we did because HELLO- this trio is awesome! In fact, in the comic books Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are good friends and there’s a rumor that Harley will have her own solo debut in a DC movie coming out in a couple of years, in which we hope to see these two scheming on how to take down Batman for good. It was also a perfect fit for Haylee to take on the roll of the “Glam Joker” because she killed this outfit she DIY’ed! Thanks to Heather Kelly from PRIV, our makeup was on point for these looks and really made these pictures pop.

I put together some similar pieces down below for you to shop my look if you are interested in doing a DIY Poison Ivy costume too. My exact boots are linked and the top and dress are on Amazon Prime so if you order soon you could still get them before Halloween!

Photos by: EffJay Photoigraphy

Everyone has been asking what I’m dressing Aria as for Halloween and it seemed only fitting to put her in a Minnie Mouse outfit since she’s slightly obsessed with Mickey and Minnie haha. It will probably be one of the cutest things ever haha. We have another Halloween event too so I may get her a second outfit as well but hopefully I’ll get some pictures up of both looks for you guys. I’m dying to know what y’all are going to be for Halloween! Comment below and let me know. I hope you all loved these pictures and as always, thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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