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The Weekend Diaries- Pumpkin Patch with Friends!

           I haven’t done a ‘Weekend Diaries’ post in so long so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! Blake and I met our friends Haylee & Jarron at Sweet Berry Farms this weekend so we could get pictures of our little ones together at the pumpkin patch. Here are some of the pictures we got! It was unbelievably hot this weekend, so we’re all red in the face haha. We had fun with the girls though and I think they had a blast as well. If you’re wondering why Aria doesn’t have shoes on, it’s because none of the shoes I have will stay on her chubby feet! She didn’t seem to mind, and it probably helped keep her cool. Also, if you look closely you can find Aria chowing down on some flowers LOL! Afterwards, we headed towards the nearest Chili’s and got some water and dinner. It was much needed after being in the sun for so long. I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures from our little family outing! Thanks for stopping by!


Kaily Mae


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