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What’s in My Bag?

         Welcome back to HKM! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Blake and I relaxed a little bit but mostly worked outside on our backyard. We’ve been trying to spread dirt and prepare to plant grass next week and I’m so excited to finally have a nice yard!

         I thought I’d do a fun ‘What’s in My Bag’ post since I haven’t done one in over a year I think! Now that I’m a Mom it has changed just a little bit haha. As you can see in the picture above, my bag is packed full and that’s not even all of it! I’ll go through each piece and tell you what I’m carrying and why.

1. My new Passion Planner! I just got this and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a planner! If you’re a planner like me, you’ll have to check this out!

2. A journal to write down ideas and other stuff.

3. My wallet.

4. Phone with kate spade flip case– I love this case because I can put a couple of cards in it too.

5. My eos hand cream. (Shop below)

6. My new FAVE lipstick- Bare Minerals “notorious.” (Shop below)

6. I’ve got my maybelline gloss in “nude- illusion” and my Julep nude chubby lipstick. (Shop below)

7. My scentbird, which currently has Chloe perfume in it.

8. Hair clip so I can pull my hair back when I’m sick of it.

9. Aria’s pacifier- I always throw one in my purse when we are heading out just in case she drops her, or loses it!

           Not pictured: Tylenol, multiple pens, an extra contact case, hand sanitizer, hair ties, and sometimes Aria’s chewbeads for teething and rattle! Shop my purse and other stuff below! Thanks for reading!


Kaily Mae


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