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           Hey hair gurus! I’m talking all about my favorite hair products today! Fact: I have board straight hair and that makes it hard to style sometimes. When I was younger, I’d curl my hair with any random curling iron my Mom had laying around and within 30 minutes of leaving the house my curls were as flat as a pancake. It was so depressing, but as I got older I found great products (by trial and error) that really worked for me and my locks. Read on to find out the reasons why I love each of these products and you can also click each product above to shop them directly!

1. First, Eva NYC sent me some of their products a couple of months ago (you can read my post about them here) and I’m still obsessed. I just love the smell and feel of the shampoo and conditioner. They are salon quality without the salon price!

2. Another Eva NYC favorite is their dry shampoo. I’ve tried many dry shampoos and this was in my top two! No white residue or anything. Perfect for motherhood, hehe.

3. This is my Nume Lustrum curling wand set that I absolutely love. My MIL gave this to me for Christmas one year and it’s still my go-to when I’m going out on the town.

4. If you’re looking for a product that smells like Marshmallows in a can then this is for you! Haha, but really. This is the hairspray that I tend to reach for when I want a soft, touchable hold.

5. Going off of the same reasons as I stated in #1, the Eva NYC conditioner is my favorite right now. My hair gets really tangly and this just washes all of the tangles out while making my hair so soft.

6. If you use a lot of heat on your hair, you must get yourself a good mask! I’m not exactly an expert on hair masks, because I’ve only tried this one, but that’s because this one has lasted me forever and it works really great for me. I try to use a mask once a week.

7. If you’re a blondie like me and color your hair a lot, I suggest you find a great purple shampoo to use as a toner. It really helps tone your blonde highlights and keeps them from turning brassy.

8. By far my favorite hair dryer! My last blow dryer exploded (literally-exploded in my hand!) so after that happened I really wanted to get a higher quality dryer and Blake surprised me with this Nume one that has been a staple in my hair routine for over a year.

9. I got this No. 9 Repair Oil in some random goodie bag from somewhere and I use it after every blow dry now. It makes my hair silky and shiny and it smells so so good.

10. Since I blow dry my hair and curl it pretty often, I use this Pantene heat protectant on my hair before I blow dry it. It also helps with tangles if I still have any from getting out of the shower!

11. My hot tools curling iron serves a different purpose than my Nume curling wand set because I go for this iron when I don’t have much time to get ready. Lately that’s mostly the case in new motherhood. This curling iron also hold my curls all day like no other!

12. Finally, the Not Your Mother’s sea salt spray adds some extra spunk and texture to my hair when I want it. It has the best coconut smell and I like to spray it on my ends after I use my Nume wands.

Thanks for stopping by to read! What are some of your favorite hair products? 


Kaily Mae


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