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My Top 10 Mommy Tech Buys

        Welcome back to my blog! I’m excited to add to my “Mom” posts on HKM and I think you will be interested to find out my favorite products I’ve discovered in my short time of being a Mom. 

1. Owlet Baby Monitor – This is the coolest device! I absolutely love it. I did a full post on it here if you want to read further but this gave me peace of mind when Aria moved to her nursery. Click the link for $20 off of your purchase of this monitor! 🙂

2. iBaby Camera Monitor – This is a great camera if you are looking for one that you can access from all of your devices. It comes with an app and you can see the humidity levels and the temperature. It also takes pictures and records video, as well as plays lullabies! The other morning I turned on the lullabies from my bed and Aria went back to sleep within a couple minutes, so I got to stay in bed! haha.

3. HomeMedics Sound Machine – This is a life saver. Before we had this, we were tip-toeing through the house during naps and at night and it was a pain. This drowns everything out so your baby can get into a deep sleep.

4. Travel Sound Machine– Sound machines for the win! This one we keep attached to Aria’s carseat so that when we are out and about she can listen to lullabies, ocean water, or a heartbeat. 🙂

5. Pacifier Sterilizer – This is for the mom freaked out about germs. I wouldn’t say I go crazy about germs because I know that it’s good to build up a baby’s immune system but every now and then you need to make sure the paci is clean when you’ve just dropped it on the floor. I keep this in my diaper bag!

6. 4moms Bath Tub – I was so scared to give Aria a bath when she came home from the hospital and this made my life 1,000x easier when it came to bath time. The built in thermometer gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t going to burn her and it helped her not slip around too!

7. Humidifier – I love this humidifier! This was so easy to use and turn on when Aria went to sleep for the night, and it also made for a great night light too!

8. MammaBaby App – I use this app all day every day. I track Aria’s nursing sessions, her diapers, and sometimes how long she naps. This is such a great app for feedings just because when a baby is young it’s sometimes hard to tell why they are crying and of course mentally it can get confusing keeping track of the last time they ate. Totally worth the money!

9. Medela Pump – Before I got this pump, I had a pump from a friend and it was shocking how much better this Medela pump was. Faster, stronger, all around WAY better. It’s small too which is convenient for traveling.

10. Fisher Price Baby App – This last one is definitely a life-saver for me but I know some Mom’s don’t like for their babies to be introduced to technology. For us though, we don’t use this unless we absolutely have to, and most of the time it’s only when Aria is inconsolable while we are driving in the car and we are tired of listening haha. She loves the lights and songs on this and it calms her down instantly (sometimes even puts her to sleep)! There are a lot of different apps to choose from for this though.

I hope you enjoyed reading all of my little secrets and what has worked for me and Aria! These are all great products. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, this could be a good little list to keep on hand for down the road. Feel free to pin the top picture to Pinterest for later use!

Lastly, I’m adding the Nordstrom giveaway to this post as well! This is $1,350 to Nordstrom you guys! Don’t miss out while the Anniversary Sale is still going on! Good Luck!

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