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                 Today I’m talking about something that I take very seriously. Skincare! Ever since I can remember I have been so obsessed with washing my face. I absolutely never go to bed with makeup on because the feeling drives me nuts. Even when it’s really late and I just want to crawl in my bed so badly, I make myself go to the bathroom and clean my face off. That’s why washing my face and using all of the right products on it overnight became even more rewarding when I found this skincare line. Tula products are so incredible and one of the best lines I’ve ever used on my skin. I have the skin illuminating face serum, the exfoliating treatment mask, and the revitalizing eye cream too. My favorite is the mask because you can feel it working after you apply it and when you wash it off your face you can exfoliate as well. The eye cream is so moisturizing and wonderful and whenever I use it overnight I always wake up looking refreshed! I have normal to dry skin, so I love moisturizing creams. The more cream on my face, the better! Especially overnight. Overall, this is an amazing skincare line and that’s coming from someone who takes her skin super serious! Check out their products here, and thanks for reading! 


Kaily Mae


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