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DIY: Flower Crown

   Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be a little DIY post on how I made this awesome flower crown that you see above. It was actually super easy, just very time consuming. I have never made a flower crown before so this was just trial and error for me, but I think it turned out great! If you want the step-by-step tutorial keep reading! 

First you need to purchase green coiled wire, green floral tape, and very thin green floral wire. I got all of this at Michael’s! Oh, and some flowers like the ones below! 😉

Next, take the coiled wire, and wrap it around your head to measure how much wire you will need. Tip*: I ended up having to cut mine because after adding the flowers to the crown, it got too small for my head, so you may want to make it a little bigger than your head for some room for flowers! 🙂

Start wrapping pieces around the crown with the fine wire. I started with green pieces and then came in with flowers later.

Once you’ve got enough leaves wrapped on the crown (to your own liking) start cutting your flowers and arranging them.

Take the thin floral wire and string it through the large blooms (this will help keep them in place), make a hook at the end and then pull it back down into the flower.

Start creating groups of flowers however you like and wrap with the floral tape. Leave a long piece on the end to attach to the crown.

Start attaching to the crown, and slowly keep adding flowers!

This is the end result. It gets pretty thick once you get close to the end, and it was pretty heavy on my head, but it was worth it for the photo shoot! So much cheaper than asking a florist. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Here is a picture of the flower crown on me.

I also made another flower crown for my maternity pictures, pictured below.

I’d love for you to pin any of these pictures on Pinterest if you liked the tutorial! Also you can follow me on Instagam: @heykailymae! Thanks for reading!


Kaily Mae


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