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Whimsical Maternity Shoot

              Hi guys! I am finally getting around to sharing my maternity pictures that I took a couple of weekends ago. Life has been crazy preparing for the baby to get here plus working AND blogging on top of it all haha. As crazy as life has been, I was determined to dress up and get some pictures done so I’d have something special to look back at someday in the future. Blake and I took these one morning and I was thrilled at how they turned out since we just used my little cheap refurbished camera! I hope you like them too and I have linked all of the items I’m wearing below. This dress is actually from ASOS and it’s NOT maternity. I really liked that aspect when I bought the dress because I am hoping that I will be able to wear it again at some point. My only suggestion if you buy this dress is to size up and wear it earlier on in your pregnancy because at 35 weeks it was nearly impossible to zip up… but luckily it finally did! Also, the flower crown I actually made the night before at like 1 a.m.  and I have a tutorial on how to make real flower crowns if anyone is interested. Let me know in the comments below! I hope everyone is having a great week!

P.s. I am wearing my Bellami Hair Extensions in Dirty Blonde 20″ that I absolutely love for more volume. You can get $$ off of a set for yourself with code HEYKAILYMAE. 


Kaily Mae


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