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2 Years

        {RE-POSTING FOR VDAY 2016}>>> Happy Memorial Day everyone! I am so excited to share these photos with you today, because today is Blake’s and my 2 year anniversary! It is SO crazy how fast time flies. I contacted Emilie Baros to do these pictures for us because I really wanted some updated pictures of us in our house! Emilie is an AMAZING Austin based photographer. She focuses on wedding photography, so if you are getting hitched soon, check out her work here

            A couple of fun facts for anyone who doesn’t know, I met Blake in Abilene, TX while he was attending Hardin Simmons University and I was attending Abilene Christian Universtiy. We were both freshman and because Abilene isn’t a very big town, we met through our roommates who met during the first couple weeks of school. We both were extremely busy with school and sports that it took us a while to actully start dating, but when we finally did in November of 2009, there was no turning back. Blake played baseball at Hardin Simmons and I ran cross country at ACU. We both found that each other loved sports and being competitive, and that hasn’t changed too much haha. We also both shared a love of music and more specifically singing. We became inseparable pretty quickly and after meeting each other’s families, I think we both knew we had found that special someone. 

          Fast forward almost 6 years, and we are settled into our first home together, discussing our days with each other over a home cooked meal. We have made some amazing new friends as a married couple and I am so excited to see what the next year will bring us. I have had ana amazing time getting to know my husband, and I love him more and more everyday, which doesn’t seem possible, yet it is. Now that I’ve been extrememly gushy and cheesy for you all, I hope you like our pictures from the shoot and check out Emilie’s amazing work.


Kaily Mae


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  1. February 16, 2016 / 7:27 am

    These pictures are really nice and shows the love respect and all the importance aspects that a couple need in their relationship. Without the help of good relationship we cannot able to expose the true feelings of the couples and we cannot able to make their life beautiful.

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