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Happy Monday! Welcome to my new blog site Hey Kaily Mae! Haylee and I have decided to start our own websites that we can each make our own, expanding the brand of Platinum Pair, while also having our own outlet for our passions and hobbies. We have had SO much fun this past year collaborating together and attending events together, and we don’t plan to stop now! We are keeping our joint instagram: @platinumpair, and plan to keep updating you all with things we do together AND individually. Since we are both mommas-to-be, we feel like this change will give us each the freedom and time we want to blog and be great moms. We are so incredibly grateful for everyone’s support throughout the past year and the years to come and we hope you will stick around and see what else we have to offer. For my site personally, I want to bring my love for fashion to the forefront of this blog, but since it is a personal blog, I can’t wait to add in “mommy” blog posts as well. I won’t be an expert, but I want to share my experiences with other women who may be experiencing the same type of things. I want to keep doing beauty/hair and makeup posts and all of the other fun stuff I did before. I have been overwhelmed with encouragement and support and I thank each and everyone of you for that. Haylee is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, inside and out, and this next chapter in our life is going to be full of adventures that we still plan to take on together. We love you all and thanks for stopping by today to read our little update! 🙂


Kaily Mae


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  1. March 29, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    You both are looking same and beautiful your dresses and shoes are totally same. The quality of your jeans and cap is owesum you are presenting your quality clothes very well and it will attract a lot of people.

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