The “Girly Girl” Gift Guide

    Happy Monday you guys! This gift guide is definitely one of my favorites because I’m a girly-girl for sure! Plus I love this gift guide so much because I have a lot of these things already and I can tell you from experience that these pieces are amazing!! If you want to hear my thoughts on some of these pieces, read below!

Villain Status

     It’s no secret that I love playing dress up, so Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! Add the cooler weather and pumpkins everywhere and you’ve got one happy girl right here haha. 

So Choix

Hey beauties! Today I’m talking about a really fun company called SO CHOIX (pronounced “SHWAA” which is French for choice). They’re a fun makeup company that sends you high-end makeup samples to try out for only $15 a month and it gets cheaper the more months you sign up for!! I was super excited to try out the different brands of makeup that I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t wanted to spend that amount of money on in case I didn’t love it. You can see the different products I got in the picture below and I’ll tell you about the ones I loved!