Holiday Cocktails with Winc

     Only 4 days until Christmas you guys! I’m counting down the days because this has been the craziest month of my entire year no doubt. Thankfully, I’m finally relaxing with family and (hoping) to de-stress, ha ha. 

     Speaking of de-stressing I thought it’d be fun to share a yummy Christmas drink recipe that I collaborated with Winc on! I get all of my wine from Winc and absolutely love the convenience of it. You can order it online and it comes straight to your door within days! What’s also amazing about it is that you can sign up for a monthly membership if you’re a real wine connoisseur (or just love entertaining all the time)! 

    Today’s drink consists of 3 simple ingredients. Scroll down for the full recipe and some more up close pictures!  I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for stopping by!

1 part Winc White wine (I’ve used the 2016 Albarino that was so delicious!)

1 part Cranberry cocktail juice

1 part sparkling water or champage

Garnish with apples, cranberries, and rosemary for a festive and fun look!


Kaily Mae

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