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Hey beauties! Today I’m talking about a really fun company called SO CHOIX (pronounced “SHWAA” which is French for choice). They’re a fun makeup company that sends you high-end makeup samples to try out for only $15 a month and it gets cheaper the more months you sign up for!! I was super excited to try out the different brands of makeup that I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t wanted to spend that amount of money on in case I didn’t love it. You can see the different products I got in the picture below and I’ll tell you about the ones I loved!

First, the GlamGlow Youthmud mask was just as good as I thought it would be. This product has been raved about by so many bloggers but it isn’t cheap! The sample was a great way to test it out and I could feel it working after I put it on. My skin felt great afterwards and this is definitely a product I would buy in full size!

Next, the Laura Mercier pressed setting powder was really nice and smooth. The only negative I have about this product is the size it comes in. It was kind of hard to apply because there was only so much product you could get on the brush. With that being said, I could tell it was a quality product for sure. Not sure I would buy this full size even though I know it’s really popular. I would like to try it again in a bigger size.

The Dior Nude BB Cream wasn’t the correct shade for me (i’m so pale right now). It was so so soft and smooth though and I loved the feel of it. I think it would be a great staple to add to my beauty routine if I could find the right shade for me.

I was really excited to try out the YSL Lipstick! I have been wanting to try their lipstick for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. When I first tried it on, I wasn’t too sure about it. It’s really sheer and I thought that specific tone was too cool for my skin tone, BUT after trying it a couple more times I absolutely loved it! I liked that it was so light and not drying on my lips and then the color grew on me too!

Finally, the Chanel Volume Mascara might’ve been my favorite product I tried. I was so shocked at the length added to my lashes after I applied this. I have the shortest, straightest lashes of all time and this product was transforming. I fell in love and I absolutely want to buy this in the future!

Overall, I loved all of the products and really enjoyed getting to try them out. Thanks to So Choix for sending the product out to me and if you  have any questions or comments, leave them for me below! Visit their website HERE.

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